When analyzing your organization’s training needs, it is important to understand the nature of e-learning, its benefits, its options and, perhaps, its limitations. It is also important for you to become familiar with the various elements of a learning management system and how they are integrated, along with the financial implications of your choices. In making your choice of system, watch out for the common pitfalls and be certain to follow a methodology in selecting the vendor. Finally, establish a plan for implementation and choose the right individuals to guide the process.

With systems available today, such as the integrated, state-of-the-art eLeaP Learning Content Management System, you can expect to deliver effective, personalized training to your entire organization, seamlessly and precisely when needed, to meet the on demand requirements of your learners.

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In the digital age what is a journalist supposed to do? Do you know about search engine optimization? How about where your work might end up?

Digital rights anyone? Writers’ strike ring a bell.

Apparently the Toronto Star has taken an interest in the subject of training and journalism for the digital age.

Might I suggest adding learning management systems to any training and e-learning program companies implement. LMS’s make life so much easier and think of all the paper you are saving!

I call it Journalism 2.0 meets Environment 2.0



Can we leverage the power and reach of social networks like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook to pro mote e-learning and web-based education? How about wiki’s and micro-publishing via blogs, podcasts etc.

I see a school in Navrongo, Ghana being able to access the web page for a sister school in Kentucky and being able to exchange ideas and transfer technology. Share how your organization or school is using web 2.0 and social networks to enhance education and e-learning.

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